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1.6_pre1 publication of the 2017-10-01 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 01 October 2017

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2017-02-01 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 31 January 2017
Bug #82 fixed.

Code repository migration from CVS to SVN
Vincent Belaïche | date on 03 August 2016
Finally feature request #21 is completed. The repo is now on an SVN server. So to get the code here are the commands:
  • For the jPicEdt application and its installer:
    • For read only access:
      	svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/jpicedt jpicedt
      	svn checkout http://svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/jpicedt jpicedt
    • For read/write (developper) only access:
      	svn checkout --username=⟨your-id ⟩ \
      svn+ssh://⟨your-id ⟩@svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/jpicedt jpicedt
  • For the other modules, use the following commands where ⟨module⟩ needs to be replaced by one of lisp, plugin, or website:
    • For read only access:
      	svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/⟨module⟩ ⟨module
      	svn checkout http://svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/⟨module⟩ ⟨module
    • For read/write (developper) only access:
      	svn checkout --username=⟨your-id ⟩ \
      svn+ssh://⟨your-id ⟩@svn.code.sf.net/p/jpicedt/code0/trunk/⟨module⟩ ⟨module

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2016-07-19 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 19 July 2016

Delivery note of 2016-07-19

A number of bugs fixed in the installer:
  • For Unices:
    • Default directory for installation is no longer /usr/share, but one of /opt, /usr/local, /local , /usr/share/local, or /usr/share, whichever is first detected as a valid directory name.
    • Default directory for launching shortcuts is no longer /usr/bin, but one of /usr/local/bin, /local/bin , or /usr/share/local/bin, whichever is first detected as a valid directory name — please remember that for Unices jPicEdt launching shortcut is just an sh script.
    • Use java, not javaw as a default.
  • For MSWindows:
    • Fix the default directory detection (for installation and launching shortcuts) — for those interested, this detection is carried out by a VBScript script MSwGetSystemInformation.vbs launched by the installer.
  • For all OS's:
    • Fix the loading of installer window frame dimensions from the installer preference file ~/.jpicedt/install.preferences.
    • Fix the launching shortcut directories insertion/deletion repeat list.
    • Fix the components labels in the in the “Program components to install” installation page

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2016-06-25 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 27 June 2016

Delivery note of 2016-06-25

  • Open drawing document with a drag&drop of file icon from the OS file explorer — please note the following:
    • Thanks to Grzegorz Talaga for contributing on this
    • The feature was tested on MSWindows OS only, any feedback about other OS's is welcome
    • In the current implementation the new class DropListener was added to package jpicedt.graphic.event, this may change in the future (under discussion moving it to package jpicedt.ui.util)
  • javadocs update

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2016-06-20 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 20 June 2016

Delivery note of 2016-06-20

  • javadocs update
  • Hide/Show of dockable panels by use of their frame close-button — thanks to Grzegorz Talaga for contributing on this,
  • Set frame icon of dockable panels to corresponding “toggle dockable panel visibility” tool icon, and
  • Improve shortcut customizer by
    • localizing those action name keys with missing localization, and
    • adding a leftmost column showing the corresponding action icon when available.

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2016-06-14 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 14 June 2016

Delivery note of 2016-06-14

  • javadocs update
  • Rebuild of the exectuable jar using JAVA 8

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2013-10-07 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 07 October 2013

Delivery note of 2013-10-07

Bug corrections

  • Bug correction bug#72, “Ellipse trimming does not work”, corrected in the following files: jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/util/Eraser.java v1.9, and jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/model/PicParallelogram.java v1.54.
  • Bug correction bug#74, “180° Skip on Ellipse arc angle correction by jPicEdt”, corrected in the following files: jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/model/PicEllipse.java v1.48, and jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.24.
  • Bug correction of bug#63 “Save file mixing CRLF & LF”, corrected in the following files: jpicedt/jpicedt/Log.java v1.27, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/DXFCommentFormatter.java v1.6, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/DXFFormatter.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/DXFStringBuffer.java v1.6, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/PicParallelogramFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/dxf/PicTextFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/eepic/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.10, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/eepic/EepicFormatter.java v1.15, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/eepic/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.11, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/eepic/PicParallelogramFormatter.java v1.8, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.11, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/LatexConstants.java v1.12, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/LatexFormatter.java v1.22, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.14, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/PicParallelogramFormatter.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/PicTextFormatter.java v1.13, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.24, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.22, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PicGroupFormatter.java v1.6, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PicParallelogramFormatter.java v1.10, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PicTextFormatter.java v1.13, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PstricksConstants.java v1.17, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/pstricks/PstricksFormatter.java v1.37, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/PicEllipseFormatter.java v1.8, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/PicGroupFormatter.java v1.4, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/PicParallelogramFormatter.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/PicTextFormatter.java v1.6, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/TikzConstants.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/TikzFormatter.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/TikzUtilities.java v1.13, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/util/BaseCommentFormatter.java v1.5, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/util/FormatConstants.java v1.4, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/util/PicGroupFormatter.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/util/TeXCommentFormatter.java v1.4, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/DefaultContentType.java v1.11, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/AbstractDrawingFormatter.java v1.3, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/AbstractFormatter.java v1.2, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/AbstractFormatterFactory.java v1.7, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/Formatter.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/FormatterFactory.java v1.9, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/JPICFormatter.java v1.29, jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/formatter/JPICGroupFormatter.java v1.10 and jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/io/parser/JPICXmlHandler.java v1.34

New functions

Installer for MSWindows with:

  • Launch-scipts creation with .lnk format via VBScript script that is exectuted by the installer
  • Capability to install several launcher scripts
  • Conversion of the app icon to ICO format icon for the launcher script with .lnk format.

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2013-03-18 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 18 March 2013

Delivery note of 2013-03-18

Bug corrections

Bug #37 “Singular Bezier curve on a duplicated point”, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/model/AbstractCurve.java v1.45 and jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/latex/AbstractCurveFormatter.java v1.10.
This bug caused jPicEdt to produce invalid LaTeX code only with the ”Emulated LaTeX“ content type.

Functional improvement

During the API documentation generation, a posteriori setting of favicone is optimized for speed: the perl script setfavicon.pl that does the job is called only once instead of on each file. jpicedt/setfavicon.pl v1.2, and jpicedt/build.xml v1.54.

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2013-03-02 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 02 March 2013

Delivery note of 2013-03-02

Bug #62 “The "User Data" postamble at the end of file is lost”, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/PECanvas.java v1.52. With that, corresponding documentation is added to jpicedt/help-files/fr.texi v1.23 and jpicedt/help-files/en.texi v1.16.

1.6_pre1 publication of the 2013-02-17 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 17 February 2013

Delivery note of 2013-02-17

Bug corrections

  • Bug #44 correction “Erroneous encoding format after preference edit”, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/JPicEdt.java v1.50 and jpicedt/jpicedt/ui/MDIManager.java v1.28
  • Bug #2816564 correction, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/model/PicSmoothPolygon.java v1.33
  • Bug #3603879 correction, TikZ does not encode correctly line stiles NONE and SOLID, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/format/output/tikz/TikzUtilities.java v1.2
  • Bug #3603877 correction, jlatex.bat v1.7 seems to be sensitvie to spaces in file paths, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/ui/util/RunExternalCommand.java v1.18, and jpicedt/jpicedt/ui/util/CommandLineBuilder.java v1.3
  • Bug #3603878 correction, Line style "NONE" causes application to crash, corrected in jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/view/LeafElementView.java v1.14 and in jpicedt/jpicedt/graphic/view/ViewConstants.java v1.6

New functions

  • Added “Third party SW” tab-pane in the “About…” dialog.
  • Renamed environment variables in jdvi.bat jdvips.bat jgsview.bat and jlatex.bat under add-ons/windows/miktex/ so that prefix JPE_ is replaced by JPICEDT_. Furthermore scripts are simplified to replace recursive re-call by an internal call, instead of an external call externe — this needs a slightly more recent MSWindows, but that makes batch file code far more readable.

1.6_pre1 publication of 2013-02-03 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 03 February 2013
Mainly bug fixes:
  • #3603153, incorrect favicon path in manual
  • #3603151, autobounding attribute not transmitted from JPIC-XML to Drawing object
  • #2392261, Bounding Box not correctly translated to pspicture environment. One pair of coordinates is always set to zero.
  • #3603170, TikZ encoder, arrow tip DISK_CENTERED is not centered

1.6_pre1 publication of 2013-01-24 build
Vincent Belaïche | date on 30 January 2013
New available version, 1.6 — indeed 1.6 will be renamed 2.0 later on — which contains many bug corrections as well as the following new functions
  • Tikz encoding
  • Convex zones (under dev.)
  • New fragments & scripts

1.4.1_03 bug fix release
Sylvain Reynal | date on 22 October 2007
This is a bug fix release still related to bug #1769858. Please install it if you have got a recent version of pstricks on your computer and you can see discrepancies between what jPicEdt displays and the resulting PS (or PDF) file when drawing filled Bezier curves (this does not happen with non-filled curves).

1.4.1_02 bug fix release
Sylvain Reynal | date on 03 September 2007
This fixes bug 1769858 related to improper formatting of pscustom objects, which would lead to spurious straight segments...

1.4.1 has been released!
Sylvain Reynal | date on 07 December 2006
This is the final stable release to the 1.4.x branch. It is still Java 1.4 compliant, and incorporates a few extra bug fixes since 1.4-pre5. Download it here and try it now! Next development branch has already started as 1.5-preX: it will be Java 1.5 compliant, and will include both a Postscript and an xFig parser.

New web site!
Sylvain Reynal | date on 06 December 2006
Codevelopper Mathieu Perez redesigned jPicEdt's web site from scratch, giving it not only a brand new skin, but also offering us developpers the possibility to update you in realtime about jPicEdt' progress with more ease and reliability. Great job, mathieu!

jPicEdt 1.4-pre5 is out!
Sylvain Reynal | date on 09 July 2006
This is a bug-fix release to 1.4-pre4 which may now be considered production-stable (a stable release will thus be released based on this one by the end of the month). It is still Java 1.4 compliant. Most significant changes since 1.3.2 include (see also CHANGES.txt):
  • new objects: parallelograms, extensible Bezier curves, smooth-polygon and interpolating curves (aka pscurve), parallelograms, circles/arcs drawn using three points lying on the contour, polydots with every style attribute supported by PSTricks.
  • except where filling and stroking with colours is concerned, all these objects are available in the LaTeX-picture and Eepic format as well, possibly using emulated lines and arcs.
  • new editing capabilities: rotations, including text ; shearing (ellipses) ; Bezier curves special editing tool ; PSTricks custom parameters.
  • improved code efficiency and API reliability for those willing to write BSH macros ; bunch of new BSH scripts, including a new plugin to plot functions from an equation;
  • improved object painting, especially where editing is concerned.
  • JPIC-XML: this is jPicEdt's native format, inspired from (though not compatible with) SVG-XML. This suppresses the need for special formatting comments in LaTeX files, and as a result greatly simplifies the implementation of LaTeX/PStricks/eepic/... formatters.
  • A very comprehensive german translation, including the on-line help.
For those of you willing to install this release alongside a 1.3.2 release: you may need to delete or rename your .jpicedt preferences directory, otherwise jPicEdt might get confused on start-up, since many things have changed since relase 1.3.2.
For those living on the edge, up-to-date CVS snapshots may still be downloaded here.

We've added a FAQ to the "Miscellaneous" heading.

jPicEdt is now hosted by sourceforge.net!
Sylvain Reynal | date on 03 April 2002
This is where to look to get the latest CVS snapshots, bugs report,...
As always, jPicEdt's website can be reached through the redirection URL www.jpicedt.org Please use this new URL rather than the static one, as jPicEdt's website might have to move again in the following months.

My best thanks go to Jean-Paul Bachman, our network engineer, for courtesy accepting to host jPicEdt on www.ensea.fr/staff/ before we moved to SourceForge.net.